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Media credentials will be issued only to recognised or approved personal representing verified websites, social media, news services, blog websites, publications, newspapers, television networks, radio networks, local television stations, and other approved media outlets.
Due to insurance reasons, media credentials are very limited and available only to approved applicants.
All other types of motorsport or advertising media accreditation is deemed void during all and any Chrome Expression Session owned and operated events.
Chrome Expression Session also reserves the right to deny or revoke any media credential request. 
Conditions of Application:
1.)  I Acknowledge and agree as a condition of this Media Accreditation as a: Photographer - Journalist - Photojournalist at Chrome Expression Session (the “Event”) which event shall be deemed for the purpose of this disclaimer to include any activities to be undertaken that neither Chrome Expression Session, associated companies, sponsors, land owners or leasers, organisers of the event or any representatives shall be under any liability for my death, or any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result on my participation in or being present at the event.
2.)  Applicant must follow direction given by Chrome Expression Session Staff, Security or Track staff and officials at all times.
3.)  Applicant must remain behind safety barriers at all times and must wear your own hi viz vest during any form of motorsport action.
4.)  In exchange for being granted MEDIA ACCREDITATION to attend, photograph, film, or cover either (the event), by way of all journalistic methods I agree to report on the event using and only using the events correct name “as per the media accreditation acceptance letter” and also agree to provide a minimum of 80 high resolution (min 4 mb each), digital images without watermarks, of the event to Chrome Expression Session free of charge and license to use the images in future event promotions. These images must be supplied within 14 days of the event via mail, ftp or file hosting service download, if it is not done access to future Chrome Expression Session events may be declined. Images can be sent via Google Drive, Drop Box or similar to 
5.)  I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times and show consideration for other media representatives at all times.
6.)  Any professional filming at any Chrome Expression Session event is not permitted without prior written consent from the owner, or the Marketing and Advertising company of Chrome Expression Session. If you do so without written consent of Chrome Expression Session you will be removed from the venue.
7.)  I acknowledge that motor racing is dangerous and accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property can, and do, happen. I also acknowledge and appreciate the likelihood and nature of injuries in motor sport and participate in this activity at my own risk.
8.)  I acknowledge that Touting for business at a Chrome Expression Session event is strictly prohibited.
9.)  I understand that Chrome Expression Session reserves the right to refuse accreditation without necessarily assigning a reason.
10.)  I agree by signing hereunder or submitting this to having read and understood the contents of this Media Accreditation and by breaching any of the above conditions that Chrome Expression Session reserves the right to take legal action to protect their rights, branding and the rights of their sponsors.
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Once we process your Media application, we will reply via email to all applicants (whether you are accepted or declined) one week prior to the event.
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