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Garages for 2020 Chrome Expression Session will be sold at the same time as the entries.

Pit garages available to hire for the day. These garages are 10m x 12m each which fit up to 6 cars so get together with a bunch of your mates and hire one out.

Garages Include:

  • Power and lights inside the garage.
  • Separate garage lane to get out on the track faster

Garage Terms & Conditions

Upon hiring a garage, you agree to the following:

  • Pricing is for garage space only. Driver/Vehicle entry not included.
  • Due to limited spacing and very high demand, you must be a registered competitor (VIP or Standard entrant) to be eligible to hire out a garage. If you're hiring out a full garage, all 6 members must registered online within 3 working days of submitting your garage application.
  • If you are not a registered competitor, you will be removed from the garage on the day.
  • No vehicles are to be parked outside of the garages, in pit lane or on staging lanes.
  • Garages are non-refundable.
  • If you're hiring a full garage, you are required to fill out info for all 6 entrants.
  • Strictly no BBQ's, Fires or overnight staying.
Garage hirer is responsible for the garage for the event weekend. If uncomplied, they will lose rights to hire in future.

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